• Welcome to AeonCore Studios!

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    Security and stability is one of the many priorities here at AeonCore Studios. Ensuring all of your account data is safe and protected is our number one priority. We use well maintained and updated commercial software, and our dedicated server is always kept up to date with the latest linux distribution. Our server comes backed with the hardware required to support our community with daily backups and DDoS Mitigation.

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    Growing a community is one of our sole focuses here at AeonCore Studios. We strive to create a fun and safe environment for all of our members, so they may come together and enjoy the games they love most. Members of our community can expect to see our developers engage with them to create and improve upon our titles in Community Driven Development.

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    Our support staff are trained to handle support requests quickly while maintaining high quality customer service for each and every customer we have. Everybody in our community matters to us, and we do our very best to give you the support you deserve. Here at AeonCore Studios we believe that customer satisfaction should always be met whenever possible.